(A-1H) 139674 is located in Ho Chi Mihn City (Saigon) at what was formerly known as the American Atrocities Museum. Here is the text of the email message which accompanied the photo:


Attached is a photo of a Spad that is sitting in a museum in Saigon....it is only a recent addition and has been on site for about 6 months...this museum was once called the American Atrocities Museum but the name has been toned down due to the number of US tourists that now visit the place.   I have listened to the tape of the Icebag rescue mission and will be in that area either in late June or August this year....if you want any photo's of the general area just let me know...I also have photographs of one of your main threats..the Migs...have some snaps of Mig 19's and 21's if you are interested.  If you let me know what base you flew out of I may have some snaps somewhere.   When I leave Hanoi I fly out of a place called  Noi Bai...it is out to the west of the city..about a 40 minute drive....must have been a good target once by all of the old bomb craters around the runway   Garry Adams


Images provided by Gary Adams



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