(A-1H) 139665 is one of the four Skyraiders "rescued" from those that were flown to Thailand by VNAF pilots during the final days of South Vietnam, culminating with the fall of Saigon to the North Vietnamese on 29 April 1975.

A-1H 139665 is owned by Bob Grant of Great American Aircraft and is stored in their hangar at Torrence Airport in Torrence, CA.

Look here for images of 139665 in her "better days."

This image was submitted by Bob Grant of Great American Aircraft. This aircraft is in the process of restoration.

Photos by Bob Grant of Great American Aircraft.

A bit of sanding on the nose cowl exposed two different versions of nose art for 139665. "Sharon's Satyr" and 1st Lt Randy Scott's "Lieutenant America" from the 1972 timeframe.


In a similar fashion, the tail reveals both USAF markings from the 1st SOS which it wore until November of 1972 and VNAF markings from the 518th FS which it wore until 1975. The triangular cobra insignia near the top of he tail was applied by the Thais after the aircraft arrived in Thailand.

Images below provided by Randal McFarlane

665 sits in a Chino hangar.


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