The Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy ordered several Douglas AD-4W Skyraiders which were given the designation AEW.1. Following completion of their service aboard several British carriers, including HMS Bulwark, some of them were purchased by Sweden as aerial target tugs for their air forces, and were operated by contractors to the Swedish armed forces.


June 1997

HAG Gets Skyraider
by Ryan Keough

The 1941 Historic Aircraft Group recently was given an A-4DW Skyraider for display at the 1941 Historic Aircraft Group
hangar in Geneseo NY. The plane is on loan from David Tallichet of California and was formerly located at the National
Warplane Museum before being transferred last week.

The aircraft is still in the colors of the Swedish Air Force which it came from before acquisition by Tallichet. It was
originally used as an electronic early warning aircraft, but then in later years was relegated to serve as a target tug for pilots
learning aerial gunnery. In 1989, the plane was "flown" to Geneseo hung underneath a Skycrane Helicopter by a long
cable. Presently, HAG intends to cosmetically refurbish the plane to static display condition for future use in their
headquarters once suitable display space is made. The Skyraider is in good overall condition and will be an outstanding
static example once it is worked on. See the
1941 Historic Aircraft Group's website for more information.

AD-4W 127922 is undergoing restoration by the 1941 Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NY

Photographer unknown

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