While passing through a Djoubuti Air Base which is in what was then known as the French Territories of Affar and Issas (really) in 1976, I spotted this AD-4 on static display just across from the cantina on the air base.

Though of poor quality, these four images provide some information. I failed to record the Bureau Number and these photos do not show it. If anyone is passing through Djoubuti or perhaps has better quality photos of this Skyraider, please investigate the BuNo.


Received this email from Alain Crozier on 8 Mar 99:

The unknown Skyraider spotted in Djibouti is BuAer 125741 on line with EAA 1/21 (Escadron d'Appui Aérien), was coded 21-LP (F-TFLP) and crash landed on 30/12/1970. This aircraft was refurbished upon its arrival in France by SFERMA in Bordeaux (SFERMA n° 86 on fin) and entered service with the Armée de l'Air on 25/07/61. Bravo for your site. Keep on the good work. Alain Crosnier Co-founder of AIR FAN magazine and now contributing editor and historian.


Photographer Byron Hukee

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