Roman 02 SAR

8 July 68

(Tape courtesy of George Marrett and Don Condra, A-1 drivers)
Additional data provided by Mr. William Forsyth

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Roman 02

68/07/08 F-4D 66-7671 8th TFW Ubon

"Alpha" 1Lt Charles W. Mosley Pilot Rescued
"Bravo" 1Lt Don M. Hallenbeck Copilot Rescued

Roman 02 was hit while pulling up from a rocket pass. The aircraft climbed and then lost hydralic pressure and contols, the crew then ejected in North Vietnam, 13 miles east of Mugia Pass (vic XE 060 589).

These recordings were made in the cockpit of an F-100F (two seater). Much of the context of the mission can be gleaned from the two crewmember's interphone conversation. Profanity is sometimes used.

Day 1

The tape begins with Misty 51 putting in air strikes in the SAR area. Misty 51 is advised by Roman 01 that Roman 02 has gone down in the area known as Delta 25. (If my reference is correct this is just north of Mu Gia Pass along Route 101 in North Vietnam.)

Misty 51 gets all necessary information from orbiting flight member, Roman 01 who is talking to the crew of Roman 02 on the ground. Both the pilot (Alpha) and the other crewmember (Bravo) can be heard on the radio. Since daylight is fading fast, the decision is made to "bed down" the survivors and they are advised that a "first light" effort will be made the following day.

Day 1 Players

Misty 51 - on scene Fast FAC in an F-100F two seater

Roman 01 - Flight lead of aircraft shot down (type unknown)

Crown - command and control HC-130

Waterboy - GCI site at Dong Ha

(Audio file is in mp3 format)

Play Roman 02 SAR Tape - Day 1

Day 2

Day 2 begins with Misty 51 (same crew as the previous day) arriving in the area to reestablish radio contact with the two survivors. They are properly "authenticated" and the SAR force is directed to proceed into the SAR area.

After a handoff of "on scene command" from Misty 11 to Sandy 01, the rescue force is committed. Both survivors are picked up and the forces egress the area.

Day 2 Players

Misty 11 - on scene Fast FAC in an F-100F two seater

Sandy 01-04

Jolly Green 19 - pickup Jolly

Crown - command and control HC-130

Misty 12 - replacement Fast FAC who shows up toward the end

Bison - strike flight of F-105s

(Audio file is in mp3 format)

Play Roman 02 SAR Tape - Day 2




All aircrews in Southeast Asia completed an authentication card as part of their inprocessing prior to their first flight in theater. The crewmember could list five questions along with their answers. The answers to these questions could supposedly only be answered by the person who completed the card. For example, one of my questions and its answer was, "What is the name of your favorite dog?" and my answer was "Grover".

These authenticator cards were kept on file at wing intelligence for use if the crewmember was shot down. The theory was, if the guy on the ground could not correctly answer the question, he must not be a genuine survivor, but rather an imposter who was attempting to lure the rescue forces into a trap.