Master 01 SAR

8 June 1968

(Tape provided courtesy of George Marrett and Don Condra)
Additional data provided by Mr. William Forsyth

Master 01

68/06/08 F-105D 61-0055 388th TFW Korat

Maj Carl Light Pilot Rescued

Master 01 was hit while pulling off target, the piot called he was hit and steering for water, but lost control and ejected in North Vietnam, five miles north of Finger Lake (vic YD 066 931). Hudson 82, an F-4D out of Ubon was lost during the SAR effort, the crew Maj William Bergman and 1Lt David Willett were rescued.

The tape starts with Jolly Green 28 attempting a pickup of Master 01. JG 28 calls ground fire and then calls that he is exiting the area. All SAR forces withdraw on a heading of 280 degrees to fallback and regroup. Jolly Green 31 now assumes the pickup role and another attempt begins after Misty 41 (tape bird) puts in some strike flights on the gun positions. Sandy 05 is low Sandy. During the pickup you can hear the sound of the JG when Master 01 talks in his survival radio.

The players:

Misty 41 - F-100F fast fac (tape records mission)

Sandy 05-06 (low Sandy team)

Sandy 09-10 (escorting JG 28)

Jolly Green 28 (first pickup Jolly Green)

Jolly Green 24 (paired with JG 28)

Jolly Green 31 (actual pickup bird)

Covey 265 (slow fac O-2?)

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