Roger Smith Collection

Dr. Roger Smith flew AD-5W Guppies with the Navy from 1955-to 1958 with VAW-12

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 AD-5W landing aboard USS Randolph, summer 1956, Aegean Sea  LTJG George Ormond (VA-176) climbing out of ditched AD-6
as USS Randolph sails
by making a sharp turn to port to avoid him. He was launched on a deck run carrying 7000 pounds of ordnance on a hot day with no wind and a plane that didn't develop full power. He got the wheels retracted and jigged
right, but never salvoed the load in the few seconds between the deck edge and the drink. Unhurt, you may see him saluting the King and Queen of Greece who were aboard for an airshow before the Angel comes to get him.
 Ens. Neil Atkinson, (VAAW-33) caught the barrier knee high
on USS Leyte Gulf off Block Island. R.I November 1955. Car Qual cruise.
He exited through the crew hatch on the right side of the cockpit with his
socks on fire. The pilot's compartment was crushed. His only complaint was that "they damned near drowned me with foam." He had no crew with him on
that day.


Deck launch AD-5Ws off Cuba on Operational Readiness
inspection cruise, USS Randolph
May 1956.
USS Randolph flight deck evolution off Cuba may 1956.  


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