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Throughout the conflict in Southeast Asia, Combat Photographers participated in missions alongside the combat crews who were piloting the aircraft. Their mission was to capture on film the aircraft that were prosecuting the war in the air.

Rob Mignard has gratiously chosen to share some of his Skyraider photographs that he has collected from military archives. The photographers for the most part, remain unknown, though their work speaks volumes about the Doughlas Skyraider's part in the ground war in Southeast Asia.

This collection is arranged by squadron to which the aircraft was assigned. Within each collection, the pictures are presented from oldest to most recent. Several of these photos have captions which are presented along with the image. When given, the USAF/USN catalog number is given.

4407th CCTS (includes 603 ACS)

1st SOS - (Formerly 1st ACS, 1st FS(C)) - Hobos

6th SOS - Spads

602nd SOS - (formerly 602 ACS, 602 FS (C)) - Fireflys

22nd SOS - Zorros

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