1st SOS 'Hobos'

BienHoa, Pleiku, Nahkon Phanom

The history of this squadron spans eight years of combat operations flying the A-1 Skyraider at three different locations and under three different squadron designations. The 1st Air Commando Squadron began combat operations in 1964 at BienHoa Air Base, Republic of South Vietnam and was the last American A-1 Squadron to fly the Skyraider in combat in November of 1972 as the 1st Special Operations Squadron at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. In between, it also operated out of Pleiku Air Base, South Vietnam.

(All images on this page thoughtfully contributed by Rob Mignard)

A pair of A-1Es from the 1st FS (C)

KKE 195068

A-1G 132-867 awaits armament in a DaNang revetment

KE 21130 - A-1E Skyraider parked in a revetment at DaNang Air base in South Vietnam. December 1965.

A freshly painted A-1E in the 'new' camouflage Southeast Asia paint scheme

(Caption on rear of photo)

K-KE 27191 - 1st Air Commando Squadron A-1E Skyraider on the ramp at Pleiku Air Base in South Vietnam. 1966.

K 19142
K 19142 An A-1E photographed from another Skyraider

KE 21301
KE 21301 A-1E

An A-1E (135-202) from the 1st ACS with an Aussie flavor

K 111935 USAF
Where: Nahkon Phanom AB, Thailand
When: 16 April 68
What: Side view of an A1E coming from a mission in support of Project Muscle Shoals.
Photographer: Sgt Thomas F. Buhr, USAF

K 58530 A-1E 'Pave Pat' 56 SOW

K 58526 A-1E 'Pave Pat' 453 - NKP 29 Sep 68

KKE 64294 A-1E 132-927 on Takeoff Roll at NKP - 10 Jun 1968

K 52673 A pair of A-1Hs from the 1st SOS 134-472 and 134-609

A-1H 139-608 Blood, Sweat, and Tears assigned to 1Lt Bert Bertrand
of the 1st SOS Hobos flown by 1st Lt R. Dorlund

K 38072 "Firebird" an A-1 H/J taken 1 Apr 70

A-1H 139-665 loaded with 8 x CBU-25, 2 x BLU-32 500 lb napalm, 2 x SUU-11 minigun pods and 4 x 20mm cannons on the prowl

(Caption on rear of photo)

107430 USAF - Low angle 3/4 front view of a U.S. Air Force A-1 Skyraider of the 56th Special Operations Wing taking off at DaNang Air Base, South Vietnam. 6 Apr 1970. (Photo by Sgt Wm. F. Diebold, USAF)

An A-1H from the 1st SOS maneuvers with the canpy open
(A-1H 139-730)

(Caption on rear of photo)

108008 USAF - Side view of a U.S. Air Force A-1 aircraft of the 56th Special Operations Wing in flight over Southeast Asia. Feb 1971
: SSgt John L. Mannings, USAF

A pair of Hobos from the 1st SOS prepare for a hunting trip
(A-1E 133-857 and A-1G 133-865)

(Caption on rear of photo)

108893 USAF - Where: Nahkon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand
When: 2 Apr 1972
What: 3/4 front view a USAF A-1E, armed prior to a tactical strike mission.
Why: Documentation of aircraft used in SEA.
Photographer: SSgt Kelly K. Shuman, USAF

A-1J 142-028 "Blind Faith II" maneuvers after a strike in Southeast Asia

110936 USAF - Where: Southeast Asia
When: 15 Jul 1972
What: Left side view of an A-1H Skyraider of the 1st Special Operations Squadron from Nahkon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand banking to the right during routine strike mission.
Photographer: SSgt George M. Holland, USAF

(For the record, there was no such thing as a "routine" strike mission!)

K 53350 A-1H 137-597 "Miss Judy" in Oct 1972 at NKP

K 53348 A-1H 137-597 "Miss Judy" in Nov 1972 at NKP
(Though these slides have dates one month apart, these last two photos were obviously taken on the same day)

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