Ensign Walter E. Knouse Jr.

VA-1B 1947-48

USS Midway

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Me and AD

Ensign Walter Knouse on USS Midway

Knouse Midway

Knouse Midway

Knouse on USS Midway


AD-1 Skyraiders over northern Italy


A Douglas AD-1 on USS Midway

An Able Dog comes aboard USS Midway

An AD-1 on a deck run takeoff from USS Midway

Northern Italy - Milano?

Pisa, Italy - First and only time I saw it until 1996 on a Perillo tour
Can you find all 12 Skyraiders in this photo?

Oceana Naval Air Station


Caterpillar Club

Getting ready to land

USS Midway at anchor off of Malta

Skyraiders on USS Midway circa 1947

Northern Italy

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