Tom Hegre Collection

TSgt Tom Hegre was a Combat Photographer
with Det. 14, 600 Photo Sqn which supported the 633rd SOW
at Pleiku, Republic of South Vietnam in the 1968-69 timeframe

6th SOS Operations Building
Pleiku, RVN 1969

Colonel George P. Birdsong, Jr.
Commander, 633rd Special Operations Wing
Pleiku, RVN circa 1969

Col George Birdsong in A-1H 134-570
Load of 10 Mk-82 500 lb. LDGP bombs

A-1J 142-016 from the 6th SOS 'Spads' over South Vietnam

The same A-1J rolls in to deliver another MK-82 500 lb. bomb
(Note the MK-82 already gone from the right inboard pylon)

"Pappy Yokum's Country Store"
piloted by Capt Gene "Skinny" McGinnis

7th Air Force News story about this aircraft

Photographer Tom Hegre, himself the subject of this photo
with Pappy Yokum's Country Store

Major Bill Constantine and Capt Bill Thompson
react to the call of "Scramble!"

Pappy Yokum's Country Store
with a load of 6 Mk-82s and 2 M-117s
piloted by Capt 'Skinny' McGinnis

A unique shot of an A-1 with the engine cowl open
(visible on the cowl is the word "Junkie", does
anyone recall the full name of this bird?)