Skyraider Battle Damage

Contributed by Capt. Russ Everts
Wolf Fast Fac, Ubon RTAFB, Thailand

Dec 68

Skyraider guys, any idea who might have landed this Skyraider H or J model gear up at Ubon
in late December '68 or early January of '69?

If you know who did, contact SpadGuy

Capt Russ Everts stands in the monzombus hole in the left wingroot area caused
by an in-flight fire due to battle damage. The Skyraider most likely was working Steel Tiger
and was in need of a foamed runway which would not have been available at Pak Se, which
would have been the closest suitable landing field from the Bolovens Plateau area of Southern Laos.


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Extensive damage due to fire.   The name on the black plackard says Pilot: Lt Col Krause Extensive damage caused by the belly landing is visible

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