Official Navy Photographs

Contributed by Joe Elliott
AO Museum, Pensacola FL

Ordnancemen load and arm 500 pound bombs carried by an A-1H Skyraider of VA-145, CVW-14, embarked on USS Constellation (CVA-64) (30 Oct 64)

VA-145 A-1J about to be launched from USS Constellation (CVA-64) (10 Sep 64)

A1H with full load of one 1,000 pound bomb, four 500 pound bombs, and eight 250 pound bombs, stands ready aboard the USS Constellation (CVA-64) (30 Oct 64)

Two A-1s from VA-145 in flight

A-1H 137-559 of VA-145 leaves the angle deck of the USS Constellation (CVA-64) (13 Aug 64)

A-1J 142-028 of VA-145 seconds before being catapulted from the flight
deck of the USS Constellation (CVA-64) (10 Sep 64)

A-1 Public Relations drawings from Douglas Aircraft