Lt Dieter Dengler

VA-145 1966

A Skyraider comes aboard with an A-3 Skywarrior and A-1H 139-680 in the foreground
[Official Navy photograph]

An AD-7 142-101 off the waist cat.

A Skyraider carrying an impressive load prepares for a 'shot'

One of the most dangerous work environments in the world

A-1H 134-605 from VA-152 over her carrier

Lots of 'pig iron' for Uncle Ho

Lots of activity on a windy flight deck

An A-1H Skyraider prepares to launch from the Intrepid

Dengler getting rasberries at his wedding

Be advised that the last photo under Spad Images, Vietnam era, Lt Dieter Dengler, with caption which states "Dengler getting rasberries at his wedding etc." is not in fact Denglers wedding. It's the gent on the lefts wedding, Norman Lessard. Dieter is located 6th from right. I'll be seeing Dieter and Norm plus other VA-145 guys from the 65-67 era for a reunion next month. Take care. Spads Forever. Bob Herrmann

Thanks Bob, SpadGuy

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