Rob Cole Collection

Rob Cole was an egress technician assigned to the 633rd Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.
He served at Pleiku AB, RSVN from April 1967 to March 1968

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 A-1E 132612 with napalm and rockets loaded. Pleiku AB  Four A-1s flyby Pleiku Airbase  Rumor had it the bullet that penetrated this windshield hit the pilot and fell between his lap. Believe it is A-1E 132445 A-1E 132445 in the hanger. I believe this is the aircraft with the hole in the windshield.




A-1H departs Cam Rahn Bay after being readied for flight. It arrived by aircraft carrier along with 6 others. Best I can remember, there was 1 A-1E and 6 A-1H/J models. March 1968.
 An A-1 gets towed back from the run-up area. This is not an enhanced photo. Monsoon sunsets were very colorful.  An A-1E running in the bunker at night.



The Explosive Storage Area on the east end of the runway came under attack by the VC. They set fire to it. An AC-47 attempted to drive them out but the damage was done and the storage area went high order. Pleiku AB about Feb 1968.
 An A-1H on the flight line under a full moon.  Monsoon sunset with an A1E and maintenance crew.


A-1s sit on the ramp at Cam Rahn Bay being prepared for flight to Pleiku AB. March 1968.

A-1E 133921 after an unceremonious return to Pleiku under a Flying Crane.
 An A-1H or J Yankee Extraction Seat rocket shown without canopy.



 A-1E 133865 with its racks laden with bombs. Pleiku AB.  An A-1E towed from the revetment at sunset. A-1E 132528 with napalm and rockets. Pleiku AB.  A-1E 133165 poised in a revetment.



A-1E 136154 is manned by the pilot, fires up and taxis.
A-1E 35215 at Cam Rahn Bay being prepared for its flight to Pleiku AB. 



I kept an unofficial log of our squadron airplanes as they came and went, crashed, crashed and repaired etc. During February, March, and April 68, things were happening so fast that the accounting was loose.

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