William Anderson

Aviation Machinist Rating petty officer (Navy)
Plane Captain on AD-4 AD 5 TT-1 (Navy)

Flight Line Aircraft Engine Mechanic Rating Sergeant (Air Force)

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 Taken in 1958 operating in the Pacific with the 7th fleet aboard the U.S.S. Ticonderoga . The Skyraider had just trapped,the cable was being cleared from the tail hook by the arresting gear crewman ,wings are folding aircraft will move forward to the bow.  Taken in 1958 Skyraiders are being deck launched from the USS Ticonderoga. Skyraiders were deck launched during the day light hours and catapulted at night, the guy in the yellow shirt was the flight deck boss who over saw that the launch went without a hitch.  Taken in 1958 aboard the USS Ticonderoga South Pacific 77th Task Force Skyraiders are starting to deck launch

 Taken in 1966 on the way to a target flying in combat formation over the delta area of Vietnam south of Saigon we were putting in strikes around Binh Thuy and along the Song Hau Giang river  Coming back from a strike- fun time at low level 1966 Vietnam  Taken in 1966 83rd Special Operations Group 522 squadron Skyraider Nguyen Cao Ky was the first comander and later became the air marshall in South Vietnam  Taken in 1966 looking over the gunsight at the lead aircraft Tay Ninh area Vietnam

  Taken 1966 Tan Son Nhut air field a ragged rugged warrior Skyraider of the 522 Fighter Squadron.   Taken in 1966 passing over the Mekong River   Taken in 1966 on the way to a strike with napalm. The tape on the gun barrels would let the gound crew know that we had fired the guns, which we did on just about every mission.

Taken in 1966 flying with the 83 SOG Vietnam Taken 1966 Look past the napalm and you can see where the B-52 had been bombing up north ,some times the bomb craters would be full of water after a rain and they would look like big swiming pools. Taken in 1966 coming home in tight formantion after a strike, in the Bet Het and Dak To area .A lot of the time we would open the canopy as it was hot and you could smell the jungle rot some times when flying low.

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