1stLt Alan Price Young, USAF

1st SOS, NKP, 70-71

2Lt Alan Price Young admiring the Skyraider at Hurlburt (Mar 70)

Ho Chi Minh Trail Interdiction Box

NKP circa 1970

A pair of Sandys headed south along the Mekong River pass near Savannaket, Laos. A-1H 134-626 is shown.

RTB to NKP in Dec 1970

A ChiCom 37mm AAA weapon sits as a reminder in front of the TUOC (Tactical Units Operations Center)

Capt Mike Smith stands in front of the aircraft he bellied in at NKP. The A-1H is being hoisted by the "cherry picker".

Another shot of A-1H 137-626 along the Mekong

A shot of the E cockpit

A-1H 135-257 taxis out for a mission.

An A-1E at Hurlburt from a unique perspective

Ho Chi Minh Trail Interdiction Box

Ho Chi Minh Trail Interdiction Box

1Lt Alan Price Young and friend

An awesome shot of a Skyraider at last light

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