Commander Louis Burke, USN

Captain Burke's daughter, Lisa Sweeten has provided the association with a set of 8" x 10" USN photos which have been scanned and now appear here. Captain Burke was assigned to VC-35 aboard the Philippine Sea during the Korean War. He was also XO aboard the USS Lexington.

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VC-35 Skyraiders over San Diego, California 1951/52

Four AD-4NLs, NR01-02-03-04 (The AD-4NL was a winterized version of the AD-4N, equipped with prop de-icers and "de-icer-boots" on the wing and tail.

VC-35 AD-4NL's form up for photo Oct. 6, 1951. NR-01 Lt Mel Schulter, NR-02 Ltjg Knobby Walsh, NR-03 Ltjg Vance Askew, NR-04 Ltjg Harry Ettinger. These acft and pilots , plus Ltjg Moore and Ens John Aungst, comprised VC-35 VAN Team #10 attached to ATG-1 aboard USS Valley Forge from 10-15-51 to 07-03-52.

On an evening Heckler Flight 13 Dec 1951 Harry Ettinger and his crew Jess R. McElroy, AOU3 and Julian H. Gilliand, AT2 were hit in the fuel tank setting the aircraft on fire and wounding all 3 men. Bailing out of their Skyraider with the sky still light above them, the crew became perfect targets for their Korean adversaries who immediately began firing at them. Gilliand was the only one hit, taking a bullet in the leg. Captured upon landing, all three Airmen spent the remainder of the war in prison camps. However, Ettinger was to even the score against communists in Vietnam as the skipper of VA-25 once again flying Skyraiders.

VC-35 Skyraiders (AD-4N and AD-4NL) on the "line" at NAS North Island circa 1951/52.
Note Radar and Searchlite/ECM on port & stbd inboard hard points.

VC-35 Skyraiders (AD-5N) on the "line" at NAS North Island 1954/55

VC-35 AD-5N Skyraiders at rest Nas North Island 1954/55

CDR Louis E. Burke Jr. - Commanding Officer VC-35 July 1952 to July 1954.

CO Burke in VC-35 Hanger at NAS North Island, San Diego, California