1Lt Tom Stump, USAF

Tom served with the 602nd SOS at NKP and later was part of the infamous 56 SOW OLAA at Danang in 1970-71

(All photos on this page from the Tom Stump collection)

1Lt Tom Stump, Spad Driver on Sandy Alert - Jul 1970

An A-1H that had some sheet metal rearranged by a 57mm - April 1970

A closer look at a load of napalm - Danang, Jul 1970

Steel Tiger tour in Tiny Tim (A-1J 142-056)
(photo by Larry Warren)

Home of the Spads at Danang - July 1970

The A-1 gun/bomb site in day mode

An A-1E with wall-to-wall finned nape - NKP Apr 1970

602nd SOS Squadron Sign (note misspelling)

A USMC A-4 Skyhawk joins for a closer look at an Air Force Spad


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