Douglas Skyraider Model Progression

This set of Skyraider photographs was given to SpadGuy in 1973 by the Douglas Aircraft Public Relations Library
Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA

Douglas Skyraider History

The aircraft that was ultimately to become the A-1 Skyraider was first produced by Douglas Aircraft Company in 1944. This aircraft, the BT2D-1 was conceived by Douglas Aircraft master designer Edward Heinemann. The Skyraider name and redesignation as the AD-1 occurred in 1946. The Skyraider production run of 3,180 culminated with the last AD-7 (A-1J) rolling off the Douglas assembly line in February, 1957. In between, came no fewer than 17 different variants which were optimized for a wide variety of roles such as day and night attack, airborne early warning, electronic countermeasures, anti-submarine patrol, VIP transport, target tow, air ambulance, and photo reconnaissance. Those interested in a more detailed Skyraider history should consult one of several reference books on the Douglas Skyraider. Also, you can get additional history on the Douglas Skyraider at The-Hangar.

The AD designation for the Skyraider was changed in 1962 to A-1. The AD-5 became the A-1E, the AD-5N became A-1G, the AD-6 became the A-1H, and the AD-7 became the A-1J. These four models of the A-1 (E/G/H/J) were the ones I flew during my one year combat tour from October 1971 to October 1972. In December of 1972, all remaining A-1s were handed over to the VNAF and the 1st SOS ceased combat operations in SEA.

(Photo courtesy of Harry Gann)

Robert O. "Bob" Rahn, Douglas Aircraft Company




2nd Lt Ernie Brace, USMC








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