1stLt Mike Cahill

1st SOS 1972


A Skyraider fourship overhead

This Skyraider (134-551) suffered this battle damage during the Nail 31 SAR on 18 Mar 72.
Additional photos of this damage appear in the Battle Damage Section of the A-1 Combat Journal.

A Skyraider at engine start up accompanied by the requisite amount of white smoke.

1stLt Mike Cahill, Skyraider pilot.

An excellent closeup of Skyraider ordnance.

LtCol Bill Latham climbs aboard for a Skyraider sortie.

1stLt Randy Scott's
"Lieutenant America"

Hobo pilot, Mike Cahill

A great shot of a "Sandy Load"

A nice shot of a Skyraider at the end of the day

A-1H 134-526 in the dearm area at NKP after a combat sortie

A-1H 139-665 loaded and ready

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