1Lt James 'Jink' Bender

1st SOS; NKP; 1969-70

Group shot of 1st SOS

1Lt Jink Bender with A-1H 134257 "Hell Bender"

[The airplane name was actually "Hell Bender" but the
photographer deliberately positioned the camera to hide the top part]

Why yes, I fly Spads....

Jim Kelly's "Warlock" after I got hit during the Milestone 516 Navy
A-6 SAR. Kelly asked me, "Why the hell didn't you JINK!!" I did, but
hence the nickname.

"This is one great Airplane!!"

1st Lt. Woody Bergeron, subject of a 51 hour SAR, "Boxer 22". Woody
and I had attended Survival School together. Woody had to E&E for
nearly 3 days before the SAR forces could rescue him. A Seattle Times
newspaper front page article titled "Flyer rescued somewhere in
Southeast Asia" had a similar picture. Some of us knew where that
somewhere was located. A place called Ban Phan Nop.


Jink enjoys the fruits of a years' labor, following his finé flight.

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