Harry, these are in no particular order, I just put them in as I came to them. Tell me what you think. They can be larger if need be, up to 9" wide. They are now 7" wide.

They turned out pretty well. The photo of Skyraider 3,180 is maybe the only time a Spad blurred someones picture?


This concerns VA-176. They deployed to Vietnam on 4 April 1966 as a component of CVW-10 on the USS Intrepid. CVW-10 was unique in that it consisted of 4 squadrons, two Skyhawk squadrons and VA-165 and VA-176, in their Spads,all flying Douglas aircraft.

During that cruise, members of VA-176 shot down a MIG-17 in their prop-driven Spads. Ltjg William Patton was given credit while flying wing on Lt Pete Russell. After the cruise, many of the pilots from all of the four Wing squadrons visited Douglas Aircraft to debrief us. I took the opportunity to photograph all of the aircraft as well as the pilots involved in the "kill."

The image shows Patton on the left with Pete Russell. One of the squadron's aircraft with its distinctive marking is shown in the background. This Spad is not the kill aircraft as it (AK409) had been lost on the cruise.

Unfortunately, Pete Russell was subsequently lost in Vietnam after transitioning to OV-10s with VAL-4.

Attached is a shot showing VA-176 pilots taken at the 1958 Naval Air Weapons Meet at NAAF El Centro. 18 April 1958.


Enclosed shows closeup of VA-176 bug. Since the photos taken when CVW-10 and the component squadrons visited Douglas were extensively distributed, I believe that this has much to do with the fact that many flying civil Skyraiders to day use VA-176 markings.

The first is a group shot of VA-176 personnel standing in front of an AD-6 at the Naval Air Weapons Meet at NAAF El Centro. The date was 18 April 1958. You can see the Mk 76(?) practice bombs. 


 This is the insignia used by the VA-176 Thunderbolts


This shot shows VA-145 personnel standing in front of an AD-6 with practice bombs on the outer racks. The date is 18 April 1958 at NAAF El Centro.

Larger version of this photo

 Enclosed is a color photo copy of a "Spad Drivers Patch" I hope that with your expertise that you can clean up the junk left by a piece of tape. 

Last Skyraider leaving the plant. AD-7 making pass at LAX. 18 February 1957

 The next four images are production photos. This one is a line up of AD-1 aircraft at the El Segundo Douglas plant. (All ADs were built at El Segundo)


This shows an XBT2D-1 fuselage being mated with the center wing Date is 18 Jan 1945.

This shows the general assemble of, I believe from the date, the first Skyraider. (I also think that the previous shot showing the fuselage/centerwing mating was #1 also) The date is 24 February 1945. 


This photo shows the XBT2D-1 forward fuselage with the engine mount.